What is a Speed Strategy Session, and Why Do You Need One?

You're a sole proprietor, founder, independent representative and/or any other type of passionate leader. You could be the Marketing Manager for a small business or an entrepreneur looking to propel your vision. Perhaps you're planning a product launch or organizing a critical event. Maybe you're laying down the groundwork for a new division or subsidiary.

If you're being honest, you don't have much budget for marketing and brand strategy. But you know you need to run ideas by someone who knows what they're doing. You need someone to point you in the right direction.

To help you identify areas of improvement and new opportunities.

To help you achieve desired outcomes without completely breaking the bank.

Now more than ever with the onset of a new year full of new possibilities.

Enter the Speed Strategy Session. Think of it like speed dating but for marketing and brand planning. For $100, I'll sit down with you for two hours to assess the current state of your brand in line with goals, milestones and key business/customer objectives.

Each session is designed specifically to help:

  • Continually innovate, improve and grow

  • Differentiate market positioning and customer appeal

  • Identify more revenue-generating opportunities

With 2019 less than three months away, now could be your perfect time to schedule a session.

Message me via live chat or book an appointment to discuss further: