ABCM's Top 10 Blogs of 2018

It's time again for yearly reflection and blog roundups! I sincerely hope you're having a wonderful holiday season so far, with lots more magic and excitement to come. I have personally curated this list of my top 10 blogs over the last 12 months based not only on personal preference but performance metrics. They're great reads not only for those in content marketing but anyone looking to grow, innovate and improve in the coming year.

Grab a cup of cocoa, snuggle up by the fire and enjoy reading!

1. Three Conversations You Should Have With Yourself Today

Marketers spend a lot of time talking out loud; it’s how we process information and make sound decisions. For many of us, it’s how good ideas flourish into great concepts. In the spirit of talking to yourself out loud, guest contributor and Founder of the Women In Leadership Nexus (WIL) Carrie Majewski suggests three questions to start discussing with yourself today.

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2. 10 Things Content Marketing Top Performers Do (And How You Can, Too)

Over 90% of companies use content marketing, but only 9% classify themselves as sophisticated. What are these top performers getting right? Several things, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report. In this blog, I break down each of these actions so that you can better understand and capitalize on content marketing.

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3. Stop Justifying Your Thinking and Decision-making, Now

I love this blog (originally written as a guest post for the WIL) because it's the dose of empowerment needed on a dreary day: "You have nothing to prove to anyone. You don’t have to explain yourself. You don’t have to rationalize your decision making. You don’t have to justify who you are."

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4. 10 Awesome Content Marketing Resolutions for 2019

According to CMI, 89% of organizations are invested in content marketing; they’re developing business cases, creating measurement plans, and working to scale across the enterprise. Only 24%, however, rate their overall approach as “very successful.” This is the perfect guide for 2019 content marketing success.

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5. 10 Ideas for Creating Bolder, Edgier Content

If you’re anything like me, you're constantly wondering how you can create bolder and more authentic content to differentiate your market positioning and customer appeal. Here I explore 10 different ways to develop edgy material that sticks, using real samples of my own client work.

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6. ‘Picky’ is Not a Problem: Know Your Worth and Set Your Boundaries

Another WIL-original, this blog discusses the importance of commanding authority and standing up for what we know we deserve (while respecting others' rights to also do so). My hope is that it reinforces your decision-making and empowers you to keep pushing further.

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7. 50 Creative Blog Ideas for Your Business this Fall

Don't be fooled: each of these ideas can be applied year-round with the right angling. Take a look and see if any of these topics can be factored into your 2019 editorial calendar.

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8. 4 Badass Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Keys to Success: Magic Ensues

This is easily my favorite blog of 2018, as well as my most shared and engaged post. Earlier this year, I invited four colleagues who are truly badass bosses--founders, CEOs, dreamers, doers, movement-makers--to share their brilliance in an exclusive panel series. It's a must-read for any female leader and/or entrepreneur.

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9. Appreciating the Marketing Pivot

In this guest blog, Majewski discusses how to create an environment in which we can experiment more freely, dream more loftily and course correct more regularly. Learn how to celebrate the beauty of the pivot, instead of feeling like your efforts are a mark of failure.

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10. What If You Could Wipe the Marketing Slate Clean?

Marketing, sales, personal development...whatever it might be, your efforts can benefit from a more objective perspective. This guest blog from Majewski explores the concept of remaining nimble, creative, innovative and daring by wiping the slate clean from time to time.

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