10 Kinds of Social Content to Share in 2020 (With Examples)

Do I even need to say it? Social media is integral for content marketing in today’s increasingly digital world. It ticks every box, from thought leadership to brand awareness to deeper customer relationships. According to CMI’s “2020 Content Marketing Benchmarks” report, social media was the No. 1 type of content used by both B2B (95%) and B2C (94%) marketers in 2019.

Social media has evolved tremendously over the last 10-15 years, yet its primary purpose (the one brands can’t forget) is that it exists for people to connect. Even if you’re not sure how to show the impact of your social media investments (nearly half of marketers struggle with being able to do so), research unanimously shows that well-crafted social posts--ones that are authentic, genuine, and evoke positive emotions--perform well and yield return in some shape or form.

Having said that, here are 10 kinds of social content to share this year:

1. A “Hard Numbers” Post

2. A Celebration Post

3. An Update Post

4. An Inspiration/Motivation Post

5. A Holiday Post

6. Content Promotion

7. Feedback Posts

8. A Reflection Post

9. A Humble Brag Post

10. The Promotional Post

Whether you have dozens of well-performing accounts, a dedicated social media manager or budget for social media management/analytics, you need to get out there and post rich social content. Even for someone like myself--a one-person business with no social media team--I receive many compliments and comments on the social content I share. It has opened new doors for me, started new conversations and garnered private messages from those in and outside of my networks. There’s no time for debate and little time to waste. You need to prioritize social if you aren’t yet. Hopefully these examples help you along your way!